November Samara Isabel Lonergan

Class: Fae - Seelie
Species: Reaper
Subspecies: Necromancer
Parents: Seraphina Lonergan & Daniel Bishop
Cousins: Kai & Tristin Lonergan
Birthday: November 1st, 1998
Likes: Harry Potter, Drawing, Having a Family
Hates: School, the Grove, Liars

Ember spent twelve years of her life believing she was human. She learned her true identity when her father died, dissolving the spell that bound her magic and cloaked her location. Ember has learned the truth of her family and her mother’s death twelve years ago. She now resides in Belle Haven as a member of the Belladonna Pack as she learns what it means to be a necromancer and how to live in a real family.

Balthazar (Mace) Benjamin

Class: Fae - Unseelie
Species: Sluagh (Soul-Eater)
Parents: William Benjamin & Beatrice Chadwick

Siblings: Anastasia & Theodora Benjamin
Birthday: June 3rd, 1849
Likes: Learning, Biting Sarcasm, Causing Trouble
Hates: Losing, Compromising, Being Caught Off Guard

Former assassin for the Grove and former occasional mercenary for Allister Talbot. In his human life, he was known as Balthazar and he was no saint. For 150 years, he sustained himself on the souls of others, both human and supernatural, while he remained soulless. His soul was accidentally restored, but then forcibly removed, by Ember during a ritual. Currently an exiled spirit without a body.

Christopher Kai Lonergan

Class: Fae - Seelie
Species: Reaper
Subspecies: Soul Collector
Parents: Samara & Niran Lonergan

Sibling: Tristin Lonergan (Twins)
Cousin: November Lonergan
Birthday: November 1st, 1998
Likes: Pop-Culture, Snark, Surly Werewolves
Hates: Math, Isa’s Experimental Cooking, Disappointing People

Despite the spell cast by the Grove, Kai remained unaffected, coming into his collector powers at thirteen, just as other magical kids who’ve lost one or both parents often did. Though he has collected souls, he has no formal training. He is not often called upon for collection, as he does not inherit his full power until his eighteenth birthday.

Rhys Toran McGowan

Class: Shifter - Born
Species: Wolf
Parents: Callum & Pilar McGowan

Sibling: Isa McGowan
Birthday: May 10th, 1997
Likes: Kai, Astronomy, Star Wars
Hates: Talking, Feelings, Being Wrong

Left hand to the Alpha and former secret guard to Kai Lonergan, under orders of the Grove. Currently dating Kai Lonergan, despite his betrothal to Selina Clearweather, eldest daughter to John Clearweather, Alpha of the largest Pack in North America, the Bloodroot Pack (known to most shifters as the Clearweather Pack).

Tristin Seraphina Lonergan

Class: Fae - Seelie
Species: Reaper
Subspecies: Banshee
Parents: Samara & Niran Lonergan

Sibling: Kai Lonergan (Twins)
Cousin: November Lonergan
Birthday: November 1st, 1998
Likes: Kickboxing, Her Family, Saying What Everybody Else is Thinking
Hates: Everything Else

Tristin is the last known banshee on earth. Despite this, Tristin had no magical abilities for the twelve years her cousin, Ember, was away from Belle Haven, due to a spell cast after zombies attacked the town. Now that her cousin has returned to Belle Haven, the spell is broken and Tristin is learning how to access and control her banshee powers.

Quinn Allister Talbot

Class: Human Genius
Parents: Allister Talbot & Keeva Proctor-Talbot

Sibling: Astrid Talbot
Birthday: February 18th, 1998
Likes: Reading, Hacking, Pop-Culture
Hates: Feeling Unwanted, Bullies, His Father

As son of Allister Talbot, the head of the Witches’ Council, it was expected that he would bare the mark indicating he was next to inherit his family’s magic. When the mark instead went to his sister, his father turned away from him, ridiculing him or ignoring him entirely. His sister turned away as well in an effort to please her father. Quinn found his home in his best friend Kai’s pack and found the love of his life with his best friend’s sister, Tristin, even if she refuses to admit it and once stabbed him.

Isadora Keeva McGowan

Class: Shifter - Born
Species: Wolf
Status: Alpha
Parents: Callum & Pilar McGowan

Sibling: Rhys McGowan
Birthday: August 8th, 1988
Likes: Baking, Cleaning, Leading her Pack
Hates: Lying, Losing, Chaos

She, along with her brother, Rhys, are the only remaining American McGowan’s, since their parent’s deaths during the attack on the town twelve years ago. This makes her the blood heir and Alpha to the American Belladonna Pack. She struggles to successfully run a restaurant and lead an ever-growing pack of supernatural teens when she’s not even thirty years old.

Wren Rhion Davies

Class: Shifter - Born
Species: Wolf

Status: Beta, Mated to the Alpha
Parents: Cain & Alis Davies

Sibling: Dylan, Bronwyn, Efa, Tegan & Neoma Davies
Birthday: June 5th, 1983
Likes: Running, Carpentry, Family
Hates: Betrayal, Conflict, Disloyalty

Wren Davies is the second eldest son. His eldest brother, Dylan, died during a Pack challenge, making Wren, by rights, the blood heir to the Black Thorne Pack. He is estranged from the Black Thorne Pack and his family. Although an archaic law gives Wren the right to rule the Belladonna Pack by marriage, Wren has refused, conceding his reign to Isa. While he is blood heir to the Black Thorne Pack, he never planned to claim his title.

Donovan Joseph James

Class: Shifter - Bitten
Species: Wolf
Status: Beta
Birthday: October 10th, 1998
Likes: Hoodies, Flirting, Comforting People
Hates: Betrayal, Failure, Anxiety

Donovan was found by the Belladonna pack near death on the border between Belle Haven and Wolf Creek. Isa, unable to resist a stray, and near certain Donovan wouldn’t make it through the night, brought him home to attempt to make him comfortable. Donovan survived and never left. Though he would come and go for days at a time, as most Omegas are prone to do, after Ember arrived and everybody’s secrets were laid bare, Donovan chose Isa as his Alpha and is no longer an Omega but a Beta.

Neoma (Morganach) Davies

Class: Fae - Seelie
Species: Pureblood Elemental

Status: Exiled from Her World
Parents: Cathal & Igrid Morganach

Sibling: Missing
Birthday: Unknown
Likes: Animals, Nature, Being Happy
Hates: Very Little

Neoma is the exiled eldest daughter to Cathal Morganach, the former King of Orhenthral, ruler of the three realms. Adopted sister of Wren Davies. Found in the woods as a child by Wren and raised as one of the Black Thorne Pack until the age of eleven, when she and Wren were forced to leave the Pack or face a fate neither of them was willing to accept. Although she and Wren aren’t bound by blood, they are family and fiercely loyal to one another.




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