Welcome to Belle Haven where the paranormal is normal

and being human is a liability.

Kai Lonergan is struggling through math class when he gets a new charge to cross over. It’s just another day for a reaper until he sees the name. November Lonergan. Before he can question how he’s supposed to cross over a soul who’s been dead for years, his twin sister, Tristin, screams. No big deal, that’s what banshees do. Except, Tristin lost her scream the day November died. 


Mace is a mercenary monster who  hunts other monsters, so when he’s hired to trail one ordinary girl, it seems like overkill. Until Mace witnesses her powers firsthand and he realizes there’s nothing ordinary about Ember Denning. He finds himself unnaturally drawn to her, which might be a problem since he just threatened to kill her.


Ember Denning prefers the dead. She spends her days skipping school in the cemetery and her nights working at a funeral home to avoid her alcoholic father. But that won’t be a problem anymore. He’s dead, and Ember is about to learn her life until now has just been a series of carefully crafted lies and her real life…well, it’s a lot stranger than she’d ever imagined.


Reapers, witches, shifters, and fae all converge in a town in the middle of the Florida panhandle where Ember must learn a hard to swallow, terrifying truth. She’s not a human, but a supernatural ticking time-bomb, and figuring out how to disarm her means reconnecting with people she can’t remember, trusting a family she never knew existed, and accepting that the only person who can save her is the beautiful boy who just tried to kill her. 


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Out in the swamps of the Florida Everglades lies the key

to unlocking all the Grove’s secrets.

Just when Kai thought being trapped in a car with his crush, Rhys, would be the worst thing to happen to him, a witch known as Ms. Josephine has revealed the truth about Ember’s powers—a truth Kai thinks would ostracize Ember from the pack. He just has to find a way to convince Rhys that keeping this secret is the right thing to do.


Tristin doesn’t trust her cousin, Ember. She also doesn’t like her, but that’s beside the point. Tristin’s inner banshee is screaming at her, letting her know that there’s just something not right about Ember’s magic. A lead from an unlikely source sends her back to New Orleans to dig up dirt on Ember’s father, leading to an outcome she never could have imagined.


While Kai and Tristin try to get to the bottom of their cousin's powers, Ember and Mace are forced to make an uneasy alliance—an alliance filled with zombies, sexual tension, and exploding corpses. As secrets are revealed, the pack starts to unravel. Hurt feelings and misunderstandings overshadow the clock ticking down on Kai's and Ember’s heads until a standoff leads to tragedy.


Can the pack pick up the pieces and come together to right past wrongs, or is history destined to repeat itself?


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Will one final ritual finally set the pack free

or tie them to a fate they never asked for?

With the pack still reeling from the loss of one of their own, Ember questions whether she belongs with her newfound family and whether she’ll ever control the powers growing stronger and more potent with each passing day.


Mace hasn’t experienced genuine human emotion in a hundred and fifty years, but thanks to an accidental bond, he’s now experiencing Ember’s feelings as if they were his own, and he wants no part of it. Being tied to Ember leaves Mace hobbled and hungry—not a good combination for a monster on the wagon.


Kai was on the brink of having everything he’s always wanted when the Grove swept in and took it all away. Now, Tristin has lost her mind, Ember has lost her heart, and Kai finally understands what it means to lose a soul.


As more family secrets are revealed, Ember and the pack must try to move past their grief before anybody else gets hurt. But an unseen enemy lurks in the shadows, and they have no intention of letting Ember go unpunished.


Can she finally control her powers and meet her enemy's demands, or will she accidentally set in motion a chain of events laid out long ago?


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©2016 Martina McAtee


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