A trusted friend becomes a terrifying enemy,

leaving the pack with a devastating decision.

Bruised, battered, and still reeling from their losses, the pack focuses on trying to salvage what’s left of their forces. Ember has boldly stated that they need to go on the offensive, but with many of their alliances dead or defecting, the pack thinks she’s insane. 


She’s not the only one whose mental health is in question. Donovan is quietly coming unglued and putting all his focus on his fragile hybrid girlfriend. Mace, too, is starting to question his sanity when Silas makes an offer he never saw coming and a prediction that he fears just might be true. 


Tristin is heartbroken and humiliated following Quinn’s departure and finds solace in the arms of a questionable companion. Kai, on the other hand, is firmly in denial about the loss of his friend and chooses to focus instead on his new role…as a father. 


Quinn is rapidly spiraling into darkness and regretting his decision to leave with Silas when he’s offered the opportunity of a lifetime from an unlikely source. But can a soulless Quinn win a strategic battle with a master of games without becoming caught in his own trap? Can Ember and the others rally and win their own battle when they aren’t even sure what the game is? 


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The hunt for a lost soul leads to more questions than answers.


With problems springing up faster than they can solve them, the pack is left with no choice but to divide and conquer. Ember has learned she and her cousins might hold power far greater than anybody—including the gods—could have ever foreseen, but with even the simplest of magical tasks foiled at every turn, it seems impossible to believe. 


Donovan is focused on caring for Harlow, but he cautions the pack not to trust anything they hear from their enemies, especially when it comes to the Trinity. His warning falls on deaf ears. Kai doesn’t care about god powers or even taking out the Grove; he’s focused on one thing: protecting RJ. And it seems like he’s the only one. With Tristin and Ember teaming up to focus once more on Quinn and Mace, Kai’s left trying to prove he’s not crazy and that the wolf cub is in danger.


Quinn doesn’t want to be saved. His only interest lies in revenge, but getting what he wants means engaging in a battle of wits with a thousand-year-old demon who wants to kiss him and kill him in equal measure. This might be the one battle where his big brain is a liability. 


As the pack scrambles to put the pieces of an ancient puzzle together, their enemies are taking advantage of every new distraction, forcing them all to decide on who among them they can save and which pack members get left behind.


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The cost of one pack member’s soul comes at a price none of them could imagine. 


As the mystery surrounding Quinn’s fate comes to a head, the pack finally finds the answers they’ve been seeking. But knowledge doesn’t always equal power, and saving one could come at the cost of another. After all, the balance must be maintained. 


Quinn’s game of cat and mouse comes to an abrupt end just when he thinks he’s outwitted his prey, but he’s about to learn why the magical world fears Silas Harker. Quinn isn’t the only one losing things. Kai is vindicated when his greatest fears come to fruition, leaving both him and Rhys reeling, while Donovan struggles to control his wolf. His wolf doesn’t like being caged, and just as Isa warned, ignoring him won’t make him go away. 


As the pack makes the decision to finally let one member go, they learn the horrible truth: walking away is no longer an option. Now, the fate of one monster is tied to an innocent, and saving both lies in the hands of a novice reaper and an unbalanced hybrid. 


The group scrambles to save a soul and put the pieces of an ancient puzzle together, but their enemies are taking advantage of their distraction. Can old friends, new alliances, and an unexpected sacrifice be what they need to finally turn things around, or will the defection of a powerful force lead to ruin? 


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