The balance will be any means necessary.

For every life given, another must go in its place. Ember is learning this the hard way. Saving Quinn has cost another their life and also cost her the love of hers. Mace has disappeared, maybe for good, and Ember’s the only person who seems to care…except for Quinn.

Some dead never die. Someone or something has gone to great lengths to prove that to Mace, killing him, over and over again, while forcing him to relive his past. Through it all, he dreams of the present. Of Ember.

Quinn had resigned himself to a life as the only human among the superhumans, but now, that’s all changed. He’s changed. He has a new face, a permanent darkness, and an insatiable hunger that’s slowly driving him mad. With everybody wrapped up in their own drama, Quinn turns to the only person who understands what it’s like to not know who you are anymore. Ember.

With Tristin seething over Quinn and Ember’s friendship, Kai is forced to deal with two problems he never anticipated: cannibalistic cheerleaders and having Rhys as his boyfriend. One small error has his alpha questioning whether Kai and Rhys can work together, but with half the pack spiraling and the other half missing, they might be her only option.

The Oracle has spoken. Ember, Kai, and Tristin are all a part of an ancient prophecy, but they have no idea what that entails. Mace is missing, people are dying, Quinn is changing, and all of their powers are growing. Can they solve the Wolf Creek murders and unmask the unseen villain behind the crimes before it’s too late?


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Bodies aren’t the only thing in Belle Haven that won’t stay buried. 

There’s only so much one pack can take, and, for the Belladonna pack, the hits just keep on coming. A violent crime puts the girls in the crosshairs of the human police, while Ember learns she’s the key to solving the trinity’s sudden magical dry spell, and fixing it means putting the needs of the many over her own deepest desire. 


Mace is certain he’s in hell, but not one of his own making. Somebody from his past is determined to watch him relive both the best and worst times of his life, and just when he thinks he’s got the culprit figured out, he realizes he’s never been more wrong. 


Quinn is doing his best to hide that he’s losing his mind a little more every day, but that doesn’t stop him from trying to move things forward with Tristin. But the secrets just keep piling up, and Tristin suspects he’s far from okay. Tensions escalate when Quinn confides in a mysterious boy the pack has branded an enemy. 


Just as Kai and Rhys begin to find a rhythm to their newly budding romance, they’re thrown a curveball literally nobody could have seen coming, and Kai finds himself relegated to the sidelines even though the pack needs all the help it can get. 


A trio of tragedies hits the pack, and a new, far greater enemy is revealed. The key to solving everything is simple-they just have to break into a mysterious Grove run facility, fight their way through a bunch of psychotic mythological creatures, and save a girl who might be too damaged to help them. Sounds easy, right? 


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With an ancient evil cutting a path through the supernatural,

the pack will have to make a choice. 

For every step forward the pack takes, it seems fate decides to drag them two steps back. Just as they manage to finally secure all they need to set things right, Silas decides to speed up the clock, putting everybody’s lives at risk.

With the trinity at full power, they have a new hurdle to contend with: how do they use that power? Ember can barely reanimate a body, much less control one. Kai knows how to cross a human soul over but knows nothing about dealing with the souls of demons. And Tristin… Well, Tristin’s banshee only screams when she wants to, and she’s proving to be stubborn.

Mace has found a way out of one prison only to realize that it may have been one of his own making. Quinn is still on a massive downward spiral but seems to be the only one capable of seeing the entire chessboard.

With the pack broken and injured, they will be forced to contend with a group of demonic shifters, an illusionist with a broken heart, and a betrayal they never saw coming. But they’re supposed to believe it will all work out because a hundred-year-old swamp witch said so. After all, it’s a prophecy, right?


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