Shifters are any creature who can shift from human to animal. They are two-natured, both man and beast. While the most prevalent shifters are wolves, there are shifters of almost every animal species: bear, feline, reptile, sea creatures, even insects. Though many subspecies remain hidden, most still exist in our world.  


Shifters’ abilities are as varied as the animals within them. Wolves possess keen vision and hearing, their sense of smell sensitive enough to pick up on even the subtlest of scents through chemo-receptors, allowing them to literally smell somebody’s feelings. Bears possess an inhuman strength and tend to be as gruff and hulking as any bear you’d encounter in the woods. Reptilian shifters have exceptional vision, can often alter their appearance to blend in with their surroundings and many are naturally cold blooded. Feline shifters are cunning, agile and above all, curious. They are often moody, sometimes finicky but always observant.


For centuries, most shifters remained hidden except for the wolves who served as guardians for the supernatural under the command of the gods. When the gods abandoned earth, the wolves attempted to maintain order but couldn’t stand against the creatures infiltrating from other realms. After a time, rumors of bloodthirsty wolves began to travel and sparked the original werewolf hunts, driving the wolves underground with all other shifters. Eventually, elders came to an understanding with the Grove who used their spies within the human factions to quell the rumors of shifters. The shifters swore allegiance to the Grove for their help against the hunters and the Grove agreed to stay out of pack politics.


While shifter abilities vary, some traits seem to span all species. Shifters are fiercely loyal and most tend to mate for life whether they are mated for love or by pack decry. Shifters are often athletic and tend to possess a natural grace. Shifters abide by pack hierarchy and will defer all decisions to their alpha regardless of species. While some shifters will live alone, they all tend to live by a code handed down by their ancestors and, as such, tend to prefer order and rules rather than improvisation. They are soldiers, warriors, and are often as experienced in weapons and tactical training as they are using their innate animal abilities.


Isa McGowan

Wolf - Alpha - Born

Rhys McGowan

Wolf - Beta - Born


Wren Davies

Wolf - Beta - Born

Donovan James

Wolf - Beta - Bitten

Tate Castro

Panther/Demon Hybrid - Born


Silas Harker

Lizard/God Hybrid - Born

Ogden Thurman

Bear - Omega - Born


Edgar James

Wolf - Alpha - Born


Shelby Nazari

Feline - Demi-God

Niran (Maleenon) Longergan

Leopard - Beta - Born


Cain Davies

Wolf - Alpha - Born

Alis Davies

Wolf - Beta - Born

Dylan Davies

Wolf - Future Alpha - Born

Bronwyn Davies

Wolf - Beta - Born

Eifa Davies

Wolf - Beta - Born

Tegan Davies

Wolf - Beta - Bitten






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