The Naughty List

(A writers’ tag created by Jenna Moreci.)

I was tagged by my BFF M.A. Phipps, and thought this would be a hilarious way to celebrate the holidays. Maybe spoilery!

Provide a brief description of your novel [NO MORE THAN 5 SENTENCES].

The Dead Things Series follows the lives of supernatural teens in the fictional town of Belle Haven where the paranormal is totally normal. After the death of her father, Ember Lonergan learns that her affinity for the dead isn’t just a quirky hobby but a byproduct of her reaper DNA. Ember suddenly finds herself living in Florida, surrounded by werewolves, faeries, witches and all manner of supernatural creatures while coming to terms with the fact that she and her cousins are at the center of a prophecy that could change the magical community forever.



1. Which character is SO into the holidays, they nearly cause a street-wide power outage from all their Christmas lights?

Isa. Definitely Isa. She’s baking Christmas cookies, wearing a santa hat, forcing Wren to deck every hall and probably even put reindeer antlers on the dog and bells on Chester’s cat collar. You could probably see the house’s Christmas lights via satellite if the town wasn’t cloaked from humans.

2. Which character attends the office New Year party with ONE date…and goes home with someone else?

Tate. No, actually, Tate would arrive with ONE date but leave with THREE. He’s irresistible…well, to everybody but Tristin. Okay, maybe Tristin finds him a little sexy.

3. Which character is more than happy to steal Hanukkah gelt from poor, unsuspecting children? [Note: Hanukkah gelt = chocolate coins]

Stella. She’d not only steal from the children, she’d find a way to steal from their parents too, especially if they weren’t witches.

4. Fill in the blanks: I saw ____[character]____ doing a whole lot more than ____[verb]____-ing Santa Claus. They were full on ____[action]____.

I saw Rhys doing a whole lot more than sniffing Santa Claus. They were full on scent marking each other like weirdoes.

5. One of your characters decides to pregame before church and passes out in the middle of the Christmas service. Which character is it?

Oggie. He might look like Hagrid but he has zero tolerance for alcohol. He not only passes out in the middle of church he snores so loud he disrupts the entire service.

6. Which character hasn’t been seen since winter began because they refuse to deal with the snow?

Tristin. There is no way she’s going out in all that snow. She’s not dressing in layers. The only boots she owns is combat boots. Christmas is stupid. Snow is stupid. Holiday cheer is stupid. Wake her up after New Year’s Day.

7. Which character completely forgot about the holidays and ends up regifting to everyone?

Neoma. She lives in her own world. She can’t remember to wear shoes, much less that the holidays require gift giving. She last minute will make presents for people or she buy them in the shop right next to the restaurant and that’s how Kai ends up with a six pack of Monster energy drinks and Rhys a new car charger and Ember glow in the dark stickers for her ceiling and they’re all thankful to get them because they know that Neoma had good intentions.

8. Which character has such crappy luck, they only discover their potato allergy after pigging out on latkes?

Quinn. All the bad things always happen to him. He has the most knowledge of the entire pack but his feeble human body leaves him vulnerable. It doesn’t help that he’s gravitationally challenged. He’s like a puppy that hasn’t grown into his own feet. He’ll fall into poison ivy after pointing out its dangers to the others. He’s always tripping over things, falling for the wrong person or doing the wrong thing for the right reason.

9. The Krampus has arrived to punish your very bad characters. Which character is kinda into it?

It’s sad how many of my characters would kind of be into it. Tate is down for pretty much anything. Silas would definitely be down for a little bit of kink. Surprisingly (or not) Kai might try it…just to see if he liked it.

10. One of your characters should be on the naughty list, but has convinced Santa to clear their name. Which character is it, and what was their means of persuasion?

Mace. Even before he became a soulless mercenary, he’d racked up quite a body count but somehow people still can’t hate him. He’s just too damn charming. He’d grin, call the person luv and charm their pants off.

RULES: If your cast is smaller than 15 characters you can only use each character twice. If it's larger you can only use each character once.

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