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The Caladrius is the second of three special edition episodes from Dead Things Season Three, also known as Deranged Angels and Cannibal Hearts. Episode Two is the second third of the full-length book and is for readers who prefer to read shorter novels.

With problems springing up faster than they can solve them, the pack is left with no choice but to divide and conquer. Ember has learned she and her cousins might hold power far greater than anybody—including the gods—could have ever foreseen, but with even the simplest of magical tasks foiled at every turn, it seems impossible to believe.

Donovan is focused on caring for Harlow, but he cautions the pack not to trust anything they hear from their enemies, especially when it comes to the Trinity. His warning falls on deaf ears. Kai doesn’t care about god powers or even taking out the Grove; he’s focused on one thing: protecting RJ. And it seems like he’s the only one. With Tristin and Ember teaming up to focus once more on Quinn and Mace, Kai’s left trying to prove he’s not crazy and that the wolf cub is in danger.

Quinn doesn’t want to be saved. His only interest lies in revenge, but getting what he wants means engaging in a battle of wits with a thousand-year-old demon who wants to kiss him and kill him in equal measure. This might be the one battle where his big brain is a liability.

As the pack scrambles to put the pieces of an ancient puzzle together, their enemies are taking advantage of every new distraction, forcing them all to decide on who among them they can save and which pack members get left behind.