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The Innocent is the last of three special edition episodes from Dead Things Season Three, also known as Deranged Angels and Cannibal Hearts. Episode Three is the final third of the full-length book and is for readers who prefer to read shorter novels.

As the mystery surrounding Quinn’s fate comes to a head, the pack finally finds the answers they’ve sought. But knowledge doesn’t always equal power, and saving one could come at the cost of another. After all, the balance must be maintained.

Quinn’s game of cat and mouse comes to an abrupt end just when he thinks he’s outwitted his prey, but he’s about to learn why the magical world fears Silas Harker. Quinn isn’t the only one losing things. Kai is vindicated when his greatest fears come to fruition, leaving both him and Rhys reeling, while Donovan struggles to control his wolf. His wolf doesn’t like being caged, and just as Isa warned, ignoring him won’t make him go away.

As the pack makes the decision to finally let one member go, they learn the horrible truth: walking away is no longer an option. Now, the fate of one monster is tied to an innocent, and saving both lies in the hands of a novice reaper and an unbalanced hybrid.

The group scrambles to save a soul and put the pieces of an ancient puzzle together, but their enemies are taking advantage of their distraction. Can old friends, new alliances, and an unexpected sacrifice be what they need to finally turn things around, or will the defection of a powerful force lead to ruin?