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The Legion is the last of three special edition episodes from Dead Things Season Two, also known as Dark Dreams and Dead Things. Episode Three is the final third of the full-length book and is for readers who prefer to read shorter novels.

For every step forward the pack takes, it seems fate decides to drag them two steps back. Just as they manage to finally secure all they need to set things right, Silas decides to speed up the clock, putting everybody’s lives at risk.

With the trinity at full power, they have a new hurdle to contend with: how do they use that power? Ember can barely reanimate a body, much less control one. Kai knows how to cross a human soul over but knows nothing about dealing with the souls of demons. And Tristin… Well, Tristin’s banshee only screams when she wants to, and she’s proving to be stubborn.

Mace has found a way out of one prison only to realize that it may have been one of his own making. Quinn is still on a massive downward spiral but seems to be the only one capable of seeing the entire chessboard.

With the pack broken and injured, they will be forced to contend with a group of demonic shifters, an illusionist with a broken heart, and a betrayal they never saw coming. But they’re supposed to believe it will all work out because a hundred-year-old swamp witch said so. After all, it’s a prophecy, right?