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The Librarian is the first of three special edition episodes from Dead Things Season Four, also known as Sinister Souls and Dead Things. Episode One is the first third of the full-length book and is for readers who prefer to read shorter novels.

No matter what fate has thrown at the pack, they’ve always faced it together as a family. But just as they’re hit with their biggest threat yet, circumstances lead to separation, forcing them to stand on their own and to find a way to lead after years of following and living in fear of the Grove.

An encounter with Quinn leaves Tristin reeling, and needing an escape, she begs Isa to send her to New Orleans as a representative of the pack. To her surprise, the alpha agrees. Isa has troubles of her own, leading her and Wren to leave town just as Grove witches arrive with a plan to not only makeover the school but Belle Haven itself.

The arrival of the witches means Harlow and the Gemini are in more danger than ever before. Harlow is prepared to run if she has to, but Donovan doesn’t know how to let her go. Kai and Rhys are doing their best to hold down the fort with their alpha gone, but Kai can’t shake the feeling that something bad is heading straight for them.

With the pack being divided in every conceivable way, they’ll have to rely on themselves and their new allies if they want to survive this invasion with their magic and Belle Haven intact. But there are bigger forces at play than any of them know, and the decisions they make now will have consequences in the near future. They’ve always been strongest together, but can they rise above the separation, stand on their own, and find a way to save their town and their lives?