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The Ritual is the last of three special edition episodes from Dead Things Season One, also known as Children Shouldn't Play with Dead Things. Episode Three is the final third of the full-length book and is for readers who prefer to read shorter novels.

With the pack still reeling from the loss of one of their own, Ember questions whether she belongs with her newfound family and whether she’ll ever control the powers growing stronger and more potent with each passing day.

Mace hasn’t experienced genuine human emotion in a hundred and fifty years, but thanks to an accidental bond, he’s now experiencing Ember’s feelings as if they were his own, and he wants no part of it. Being tied to Ember leaves Mace hobbled and hungry—not a good combination for a monster on the wagon.

Kai was on the brink of having everything he’s always wanted when the Grove swept in and took it all away. Now, Tristin has lost her mind, Ember has lost her heart, and Kai finally understands what it means to lose a soul.

As more family secrets are revealed, Ember and the pack must try to move past their grief before anybody else gets hurt. But an unseen enemy lurks in the shadows, and they have no intention of letting Ember go unpunished.

Can she finally control her powers and meet her enemy's demands, or will she accidentally set in motion a chain of events laid out long ago?