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The Swamp Witch is the second of three special edition episodes from Dead Things Season One, also known as Children Shouldn't Play with Dead Things. Episode Two is the second third of the full-length book and is for readers who prefer to read shorter novels.

Just when Kai thought being trapped in a car with his crush, Rhys, would be the worst thing to happen to him, a witch known as Ms. Josephine has revealed the truth about Ember’s powers—a truth Kai thinks would ostracize Ember from the pack. He just has to find a way to convince Rhys that keeping this secret is the right thing to do.

Tristin doesn’t trust her cousin, Ember. She also doesn’t like her, but that’s beside the point. Tristin’s inner banshee is screaming at her, letting her know that there’s just something not right about Ember’s magic. A lead from an unlikely source sends her back to New Orleans to dig up dirt on Ember’s father, leading to an outcome she never could have imagined.

While Kai and Tristin try to get to the bottom of their cousin's powers, Ember and Mace are forced to make an uneasy alliance—an alliance filled with zombies, sexual tension, and exploding corpses. As secrets are revealed, the pack starts to unravel. Hurt feelings and misunderstandings overshadow the clock ticking down on Kai's and Ember’s heads until a standoff leads to tragedy.

Can the pack pick up the pieces and come together to right past wrongs, or is history destined to repeat itself?