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Whats in a Name

It never occurred to me when I wrote the first book that my characters’ names would stump so many people.

So, here is a handy dandy guide to how the heck you pronounce my difficult character names.

Rhys (REES)

It is derived literally from the word ‘rhys’ meaning ardor, enthusiasm, rashness.

Isa (E-sah)

Gift of Isis

Kai (Kye)


Cael (Kyle)

Cael is the name of the angel of the zodiac sign of Cancer and also of a warrior of Irish mythology


Wren (Ren)

The Druids considered it a bird of prophecy and, thanks to an early fable, it has also been known as king of the Birds. 


Neoma (Knee-O-Mah)

New Moon

If you have any other questions about my character names, shoot me an email or hit me up on social media and I’ll happily add it to my list.